Creatures Of Habit

by Lilac Daze

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released December 12, 2013



all rights reserved


No Direction Records Denver, Colorado

Denver D.I.Y. label.
Mostly tapes.

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Track Name: Pumpkin Pie Haircuts
I never thought
Thought that I would need this so much
Why can't you?
Thread the string to keep me going
Hand in hand
We could take on life together
Why can't you
thread the string
Track Name: Fetal
Have you heard the news?
There's gonna be a catastrophe.
Though I don't know what it is,
I think I'm gonna take heed.
I feel it coming on fast,
With no end in sight.
Laying fetal in the basement,
I think I'm gonna die.

It's getting hard to tell the difference
between what's real and fake.
It's getting hard to get out of bed
and see my face.

There's no comfort in the darkness
I need to find a way out
I can't keep running in circles
I need to run towards the truth
Track Name: Drinking With An Ulcer
the harder i try
not to think
the deeper in my head
i start to sink
is on the brink
won't you
pour me
one more drink?

i look in the mirror
and I see someone else
it's been so long
since i felt like myself
sleep is the only time
that i feel at ease
why oh why
won't this anxiety cease

when i was a kid
i couldn't wait to grow up
now I'm in my twenties
and I'm feeling stuck
I didn't appreciate
the things that I had
they're gone for good
and they'll never come back
Track Name: Without A Stitch
I think about my life and why I care
Alone in my room, at the wallpaper I stare
It starts to peel to reveal just who it really is
and in that moment I see the beauty of tearing down my walls

My delusions get the best of me sometimes (me sometimes)
I want to learn to let go of all my fears (all my fears)
I'm growing more resilient day by day (day by day)

I'm learning to love again
I'm learning to see again
I'm learning to be the person I'm always trying to be